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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Moving To The New Lab?

I should move to the new lab at the end of last semester
But just a week after my new supervisor was appointed, 
I was admitted to the hospital - that surgery thing

Need to fill in the progress report
Need to submit it to the faculty
They should informed us earlier since they changed the date of submission
I hate the management team for this
Because we only got one week to settle it down

Driving for 40 minutes to Puncak Alam to meet my Prof
Unlucky me, she's not there
Regret that I don't send her a text
Such a fool of me - LOL
Just put the forms on the desk

Since Prof was not there, I enjoyed my time chat with my colleagues (suppose)
All students under Prof's supervision are located in Puncak Alam
I supposed to move there
Because of my health issue, I prefer my current lab
Their lab are well-equipped (no need for long Q) - I love this
 But I need to think lot of things if I really want to move
Those glassware, those reagents
Who's gonna help me - T_T

They did say that if I'm comfortable doing my lab works in my current lab, just stay there
No need to move
My health should come first
But never give up
Just continue my study even though the progress is slow
They are damn nice and friendly - just like my current colleagues

Still got one month before the end of this semester
Hope to finish synthesize the 10 compounds

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