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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Losing Weight Is Hard

I'm a follower of Kevin Zahri's blog
He is a fitness coach
He wrote on good diet, exercise, etc.

Used to follow his advise on having a proper balanced diet
But I'm fail to do it consistently
I guess I'm not strong enough to say no to delicious foods

I used to have bloating tummy 
Squat, jumping jack, sit up, leg raise, bicycle crunch etc
I've done these before
But it turns out that I got huge ovarian cyst in my tummy
Thank God the cyst didn't explode in my tummy
Otherwise, my life will be in hell

Still under food restriction
For good recovery - they said so
So I guess I can control the amount of food intake
My aunt taught me on exercise
Like a after-delivery-mummy do
She said I can't exercise like before - before the surgery
Try to avoid any long-term effect to my body
I guess I should listen to her

Hoping to lose some weight
By taking good, well balanced meal everyday & suitable exercise routes

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