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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Need To Find Pocket Money


I wish I have lots of it

Born into middle income family teach me to save money
Try to limit my expenses so I can save money

At the same time
Do part time work to gain money
Without affecting my study

Currently I'm doing small business with my sister
We're taking order on silk fabric clothing
Everything is HANDMADE and PRE-ORDER based
So need some times to finish one order
Patience is needed here
Since customers are asked to wait up to 2-4 weeks

We do ship worldwide
Feel free to take a look
Suitable to make dress


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Y.E.S - Muslim Headscarves

Year End Sale

Everyone got annual bonus at this moment
This means shopping

I'm a Bawal lover 
Bawal means square hijab, not the fish
But I also wear shawl occasionally

There are many Muslim headscarf collections in the market 
I guess the competition is damn tough
Thanks to the talented designer, the hijab is better than before in terms of design
I don't know how they do this but the design is trendy, nice and wonderful
Especially the printed headscarves
Suit our taste a lot

Isn't it cute? Cupcake 

I do love stars

I'm a bit picky when it comes to the shawl - I don't really know to style it
But the tutorials are on Google
So just google it - LOL

I don't really care about the material as long as I'm comfy in it, it's not transparent and long, wide enough to cover the chest
In other words - Syariah compliance

These entrepreneurs really take this into consideration 
So they come out with wider and longer shawls
So we can wear it with different styles


Hand-twisting style - LOL

Just wear it the way you like it
Be yourself

Not forgetting the cute pins to go with the shawl
I bought a lot but lost them to my sisters
It's not good to have many women in one house
Lose them is a better way to say it rather than to say share them


In the headscarves business
I do support from-zero-entrepreneurs
NOT the celebrity-wear-hijab-before-they-sell-hijab
I do hope they wear hijab sincerely
Change to a better person isn't easy but please get your intention right
Only God knows the true intention of yours
Hope they are not fake for sake of the public
Please change for good, not for to woo the VIPs men

Love wonderful, trendy headscarves?
Go grab yours now


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Moving To The New Lab?

I should move to the new lab at the end of last semester
But just a week after my new supervisor was appointed, 
I was admitted to the hospital - that surgery thing

Need to fill in the progress report
Need to submit it to the faculty
They should informed us earlier since they changed the date of submission
I hate the management team for this
Because we only got one week to settle it down

Driving for 40 minutes to Puncak Alam to meet my Prof
Unlucky me, she's not there
Regret that I don't send her a text
Such a fool of me - LOL
Just put the forms on the desk

Since Prof was not there, I enjoyed my time chat with my colleagues (suppose)
All students under Prof's supervision are located in Puncak Alam
I supposed to move there
Because of my health issue, I prefer my current lab
Their lab are well-equipped (no need for long Q) - I love this
 But I need to think lot of things if I really want to move
Those glassware, those reagents
Who's gonna help me - T_T

They did say that if I'm comfortable doing my lab works in my current lab, just stay there
No need to move
My health should come first
But never give up
Just continue my study even though the progress is slow
They are damn nice and friendly - just like my current colleagues

Still got one month before the end of this semester
Hope to finish synthesize the 10 compounds

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Losing Weight Is Hard

I'm a follower of Kevin Zahri's blog
He is a fitness coach
He wrote on good diet, exercise, etc.

Used to follow his advise on having a proper balanced diet
But I'm fail to do it consistently
I guess I'm not strong enough to say no to delicious foods

I used to have bloating tummy 
Squat, jumping jack, sit up, leg raise, bicycle crunch etc
I've done these before
But it turns out that I got huge ovarian cyst in my tummy
Thank God the cyst didn't explode in my tummy
Otherwise, my life will be in hell

Still under food restriction
For good recovery - they said so
So I guess I can control the amount of food intake
My aunt taught me on exercise
Like a after-delivery-mummy do
She said I can't exercise like before - before the surgery
Try to avoid any long-term effect to my body
I guess I should listen to her

Hoping to lose some weight
By taking good, well balanced meal everyday & suitable exercise routes

Friday, November 13, 2015

Becoming A Morning Person

Morning person
Getting used to it
A new me for this semester

Wake up early
Have proper breakfast - not too light, not too heavy
Heavy breakfast may cause you're sleepy

Lots of thing need to be catch up
Becoming a morning person do help me stay focus
My research progress quite well
Got many things to be organized before I'm start editing my chapter 2
Still need to study many stuffs
Overall, I'm happy with my performance this semester so far
And then I realize that I wasted so many times before for not stay focus
Hope I could finish my lab work by the end of this semester

Still got trouble to sleep early
But I think it's okay as long as I got enough rest
It's important to have good quality of sleep
So you don't feel easily exhausted on the next day

Try hard to submit my thesis and viva in 2016
Wish me luck

Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Night To You

Dear you
Someone beyond my reach
I hope and pray that our path will cross

Till that day
I'm here waiting
Wondering would you look at me (or not)
 Me and you may not in the same status
I'm sick of the status
Why people do judge by it
Wealth is not everything

Till that day
I want to be a better woman
A high class woman
Have education with good manner
Beauty with brain
A lethal combination
(Beauty doesn't always mean you got nice, fair, flawless skin)
Beauty is subjective

Till that day
I should focus on my study
Finish it first
Pray all is well

I don't want to be a burden to men in my life
My late dad
My brother
My uncles
You (if we got married)
Dragging these men to the hell because of me
Never want it as Me love them much

Berjuta cahaya datang pada ku
(Millions of light come to me)
Menari dengan ku
(Dance with me)
Menyanyikan lagu tentang nya
(Sing a song about him)
Duhai bintang
(Dear star)
Mungkinkah yang ku rasa
(This feeling, is it possible?)
Apakah sudah saat nya
(Is this the right time)
Untuk ku menyukai nya
( For me to like/love him)

Apa Kata Bintang by Gita Gutawa

Found this sweet, lovely song 5 years ago
When I watched the wedding video of Malaysia first Astronaut
Both of them are medical doctors
Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank You Love For Being My Flashlight

Currently in the dry lab
That's what we called for our writing lab
Wet lab is where we're doing our experiments

Suppose do the lab works for another trial
But since somebody used the shaker, I will do it next week
Just write up the thesis draft

P/s: Got distracted so I'm writing this up. LOL

Because of my health issue, prefer no marriage
But I still need someone to take care of me
(Even though I can take care of myself)

Let him go
Belongs to another girl now (his wife)
Just wish for his happiness
He was your past
Open your heart to another guy
Who knows you may have better guy than him

Beyond my reach
If God says he's meant for me
Our path will cross
(Can I have him please)

Somehow reality is painful
It's bitter
But need to swallow it down

Addicted to these two songs these days
Terima Kasih Cinta by Tasha Manshahar
Flashlight by Jessie J

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salam Maal Hijrah

Maal Hijrah
Islamic New Year

Told us about lots of sacrifice made

Still struggling doing my research 
Something that I don't like
Need to re-do the experiment once more

Halfway of pursuing the doctorate study
No way I would quit it now
Need to finish it up even though it would take some times

Talking about sacrifice
I do have in mind that I want to be a better person
But somehow I'm not that strong
Changing into a new, better person would be challenging
Plus, it's not that easy
I'll try my best

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Power Of Warehouse Sale

Supposed to be in the lab doing my lab work. But since somebody used the "my" water bath instrument - really pissed me off. So decide to go to a warehouse sale near my area with sister. 

Simply Siti 
Range of product of skincare, makeup & fragrance
Introduced by Malaysia's No 1 Female Singer, Siti Nurhaliza
My favourite singer

People do love sale. So do I. Bought lots of stuff.

Perfume & body mist

Perfume, BB cream, lipstick & lip balm

Not all belongs to me. 

Got order from my mum, sis & aunts 
Still need to go there tomorrow
Hope the stock is not out yet

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can I Eat These???

Food restriction


I wish I never fall sick before. 

Ovarian cyst affect my life in many ways. 

Craving for these food right now

Mixed Rice

Cheese + instant noodle + spicy rice cake

Spicy rice cake

Rolled vegetables rice

However, my mum told me not to. 
Need her green light first before having any meal that I love to eat before. 
It's for my own benefit - she said

This is my everyday meal now.

White rice + chicken soup + fried mackerel 

Not forgetting this smelly healing product - contain sea cucumber.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Say Hello To The Labwork

End of my sick leave.

Two months doing nothing at home. Not even a journal for reading or writing draft of review paper. I'm dead if Prof ask me of it. Haha.

Still need to go the hospital for the follow up - reviewing the result of lab test done on my cyst ( I guess). Quite nervous about it. May Allah ease my heart and make me less worry about it and my future life.

Continue doing the lab work that I left before. Actually, only few people knew about me undergoing the surgery last July - but I wrote it up here. They were quite surprised when they found it out. Got a free lecture from them regarding the food restriction. Same with my mum. Sigh. But I do know that they do so as they love me.

Got another lecture from Sis Ila on the next day. She said that I look different from before - I look sick and I don't walk fast like before. So, me told her. She didn't allow me do my lab work so much. Don't stand up for a long time. No need to rush to catch up the works and my Prof should understand me. Need to take care of my health first and doing things slowly - but still got progress. Don't stressing myself over the lab works.

Thank you my beloved lab mates.

Still want my lab works to be finished by the end of this year

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim around the globe.

Hide the pain, keep smiling.

Everything happened for a reason
Whatever the reason is, we may know it sooner or later
God know what is the best for His subject

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Never Forget This In Life

I got stomach pain end of last month. I thought it just a normal period pain. Since the pain was not relieved after me consumed the medicine and applied ointment, decided to go for a check-up. Never drive my car at such speed - really slow. Thank God that the clinic is quite close to my house. 

As usual, need to register first and wait for my turn. My number was called quite quick. Need to do the scan for confirmation. The doctor said there is something in my stomach and she wrote me a refer letter to the nearest hospital. They sent me to the hospital straight away by ambulance since I came alone by myself - first time ever.

Same procedure at the hospital. Registration and basic check up - body temperature and blood pressure. Done the x-ray, doctors said something in my lower body gave a shadow look in the x-ray film. Sent me to the O&G department. Second ultrasound scanning here. Yes, he said it's look like an ovarian cyst. First time ever in the labor room. Third ultrasound scanning here. He confirmed that is an ovarian cyst. Double confirm by another senior doctor. Quite big size - 12 x 15 cm. Even me myself shocked. The doctor said the cyst has been in my ovary for some times. Otherwise, it won't grow to that size. Just able to give him a smile. Admitted into hospital that night.

Got nothing much on the next day. Being checked by the gynecologist doctor and some practical doctors. The nurse need to monitor my body temperature avoiding me catch a fever, otherwise need an urgent surgery. The nurses are really nice. On the following day, the pain kept coming on and off just like the previous few days. The O&G doctor said that I need a surgery. Whenever the OT is free, I'm gonna go in. It's nerve-wrecking as the doctor explained the whole thing to me - the after effect of surgery. Can't focus much on what she said as me kept thinking about my future. Of course I damn worried about it - because I'm single. They gonna remove the cyst together with my ovary as the cyst has twisted the ovary. Doctor said I still got chances to get pregnant in future. At the same time, my thought of marriage is vanished. No more thought of it. Yes, feeling down on myself.

1st July 2015
5.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Not know what the hell happened as I was under anesthesia during the whole surgery process. The moment I opened my eyes, I was in the lift - to be warded. The second moment was seeing my mom's and sisters' faces. Wide awake after that but the effect of anesthesia was still on - felt sleepy.

On the 3rd, I was allowed to consume clear fluid - plain water ONLY. My mom worried as the colour of my urine is not good. She feed me lots of water. Throw it up during the night. My sister was panicking as I threw up the water - quite a lot. The nurse came and asked if I'm okay. She told her about the urine and water consumption. Nurse said the colour of urine is affected as I take antibiotic - in pills and liquid form. Felt relieved. Throwing up again in the next morning. At this time, I was with my mom.

Discharged from the hospital on 5th July.
Another bad thing that happened in July and fasting month.
Still need to take medicine and injection after that.

Now hoping for speedy recovery.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hectic Life As A Student

It has been a while. 
Sometimes I do miss story telling in here. 
But still need to do lots of thing. 

Recently, my supervisor is retired. Quite sad and frustrated because he still got postgraduate students to be supervised. Well, can't say much about that. Just wonder why the management do so. So I need to change my supervisor. Quite troublesome because I'm under scholarship. So need to write a formal letter informing them about this matter. Sigh. My co-supervisor will be my main supervisor now. Frankly speaking, I don't remember the last time I met her. Quite nervous about that.

One of my research member just got the new female supervisor as well. I do think she is new in the faculty. New SV, new working style. I love the way her new SV does things when she told me about her. Also nice and friendly. But sadly, my colleague need to change lab. Gonna do her labwork at another place. Gonna miss her a lot. 

My plan doesn't go the way I want it to be - life doesn't always goes your way right. Still struggling in my research. Need to be more focus and organised. 

Thesis writing on its way. 
Chapter 1 - Revise one more time
Chapter 2 - Need to be edited 
Chapter 3 - Need to revise the method again
Chapter 4 ???
After I get some good and satisfying data

Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Sweet escape

Yes, a good way to relieve stress and pressure
Time for beloved ones - FAMILY

Leave my lab work for a while - still need to find out another method for analysis
Wonder when can I finish everything - perhaps on time

 Fly back to home
My diet plan is totally a big FAIL when I'm home
Normally no meal after 8pm
But still have a meal at 9.30pm at home

Just got these cute 2015 calendar
Asked my cousin to buy them from China since she is heading home

Desk calendar
To be located on my bench in lab

Pray for my smooth progress in research in 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Farewell 2014

Another year has passed
A tough year in conducting my study
2014 was full of memories
The happy, the sad ones
Heart-aches too

Let bygone be bygone
Move on please

Welcome 2015

Please be more nice to me
Want to finish up my study
Hope for no obstacles in study

Keep trying to be a better person
For the sake of me

Hope to see some of my goals of life are achieved

Hoping for meeting someone to share pain and joy of life - instead of family and close friends

Best Of Luck in 2015