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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome To Malaysia, Kim Jong Kook

Unable to go to the showcase due to the financial condition. So, decide to go to KLIA during his arrival in Malaysia. It's totally crazy. It is my first time being in KLIA. Reached KLIA quite late. It was 4.00 pm. Kim Jong Kook's flight will be arrive at 4.30 pm. Kind of surprise because I expected many people to be there at the international arrival hall. Well, it's easy for me to sneak to the front then. Haha. Everything went kind of weird as a man in white shirt standing there. Then, few people (the organiser's staff I thought) start to manage the crowd as well as the security. So, it's the time. When he came out from the hall, everybody went crazy. Not much photo taken as the guards kept pushing us away. 

The banner

The only clear photo of him

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