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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lunch And Movie

Accompanied my friend to pick her cousin up at Subang Parade. Never go to that mall before so we end up using the GPS to the mall. Miss the junction cause us to go around in the housing area before get back to the main road. Went to the cinema first to buy the ticket. MBO cinema. It's my first hear that cinema. Well, used to go to TGV and GSC cinema. 

Monster University 

White House Down 
(Will watch it later)

Since got 1 hour before the movie time, decide to have our meal first. We ate nothing since the morning. We had our meal here - T.G.I. Fridays


Grilled Lamb
(Not finish it as still got raw part, me only eat well done meat) 

Frankly speaking, it's gonna be my first and the last time eat at such restaurant. Well, it costs a lot. Prefer korean food more. Hehe. 

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