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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lunch And Movie

Accompanied my friend to pick her cousin up at Subang Parade. Never go to that mall before so we end up using the GPS to the mall. Miss the junction cause us to go around in the housing area before get back to the main road. Went to the cinema first to buy the ticket. MBO cinema. It's my first hear that cinema. Well, used to go to TGV and GSC cinema. 

Monster University 

White House Down 
(Will watch it later)

Since got 1 hour before the movie time, decide to have our meal first. We ate nothing since the morning. We had our meal here - T.G.I. Fridays


Grilled Lamb
(Not finish it as still got raw part, me only eat well done meat) 

Frankly speaking, it's gonna be my first and the last time eat at such restaurant. Well, it costs a lot. Prefer korean food more. Hehe. 
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dinner + Movie

Decide to have our dinner at Street Cafe (again). Drove to Sunway Pyramid after perform our solat. Not so many people at the mall but the parking lots are quite full. What-so-ever. Thanks to K-drama, now we love to eat K-food. Enjoy the dinner while listening to the K-pop. Random playlist I think. As usual, the menu are bibimbap (mixed rice), kimbap (rolled rice), chicken sticks and korean tea. Bon apetit. 

Kimbap (Rolled rice)

A slice of kimbap
- They wrapped cucumber, carrot, chicken ham and radish in the rice -

Some of my friend said that this movie is totally awesome. Run away to the cinema to buy the ticket. Sadly, the seat available are very close to the screen. So decide for not watching there (still not give up). Drove back to Shah Alam and went to AEON Bukit Raja. Straight away to the cinema and we got our ticket. 

World War Z ticket

New collection of tumbler 

Still not watching monster university but get the tumbler first as it's limited edition. Will watch it later. World war Z is damn awesome. How the zombie virus spread throughout the world. Israel is damn bad, cross the communication of India just to know about the virus and keep it to themselves. What a selfish nation. Me pissed off. One thing that me love is the research lab of WHO. It's good to have such lab to do work. I wish I get one like that. It's quite worthy for Brad Pitt to produce such film. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

BoA - Only One

You're only getting farther
You're the only one
As much as I loved you
You're the only one
It hurts and hurts and it's foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again
You're the only one

When will my head erase you
I will let you go
One day, two days, one month, if long term then a few years
My baby can't forget
And someday in your memories
I won't live in it
You will erase me

Frankly speaking, someone crossed my mind when I'm listen to this song. Somehow, still miss you sometimes. I guess I'm not completely let you go yet. Dear God, please help me get over him. 

p/s: Enjoy the song...
Friday, June 21, 2013

Homemade Dukbokki

Dukbokki is a korean snack. It's also known as spicy rice cake. In Korea, it's a street food in which you can find it anywhere even at a small stall by the road. 

Duk (Rice cake)
Dukbokki sauce

These are the steps for cooking the spicy rice cake:
1. Boil water (1.5 cup) together with the anchovies (to get the anchovy stock)
2. Add the dukbokki sauce
3. Add in vegetables (carrot, cabbage, celery), crab stick and fish cake
4. Finally, add the rice cake.
(No additional seasoning since I used the ready-made sauce)
The sauce will be sticky. You may add some water.
5. Lastly, serve it with melted cheese and egg. 

p/s: Can have it in a plate but Korean normally eat it in frying pan. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Non-Malaysian Food Again

Not sure either the deal is still on or not. Google it to confirm. And yes, the deal is on. Went to Setia City Mall to have our lunch at Sushi King. Since the bonanza is only valid for card holder, need to present the member card before enter. Luckily, I brought the card. I should keep all the cards in my purse. Such a waste since the three of us only spent about 20 minutes in the restaurant. Totally full after eating 5 plates of sushi.

Sushi King

At this shopping mall, Daiso is kind of must-enter shop. This shop sells all the stuff from Japan at such a cheap price. Mostly RM5 per item. Bought a white board so that I can write up all the things that I need to do. Then, I can meet the dateline.

Right before go to the parking lot, we go to Urban Fresh. Straight away go to the korean/japanese section. Got so many korean snack and can-drink there. Just bought pepero stick and banana milk. Give up on milkis drink as I drank it so many times before. 

Korean Snack

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Henry - Trap

I want to forget you 
I want to fly away 
I want to let you go 
I want to be free 

p/s: enjoy the song...
Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Housemate

Sis Ana is moving out. It's because of her workplace. It would be damn time consuming if she stayed in Shah Alam. Lose my chat-gossip girls. Hukhuk. There will be another girl replace Sis Ana in this house. I forget her name. Sorry dear. If not mistaken, Sis Ana told us that she's 18 years old. Such a young age. Wait, stay outside (rent house) at such age. Well, don't want to comment. It's her life. 

No longer the youngest girl in the house. 
Damn sad. 
Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome To Malaysia, Kim Jong Kook

Unable to go to the showcase due to the financial condition. So, decide to go to KLIA during his arrival in Malaysia. It's totally crazy. It is my first time being in KLIA. Reached KLIA quite late. It was 4.00 pm. Kim Jong Kook's flight will be arrive at 4.30 pm. Kind of surprise because I expected many people to be there at the international arrival hall. Well, it's easy for me to sneak to the front then. Haha. Everything went kind of weird as a man in white shirt standing there. Then, few people (the organiser's staff I thought) start to manage the crowd as well as the security. So, it's the time. When he came out from the hall, everybody went crazy. Not much photo taken as the guards kept pushing us away. 

The banner

The only clear photo of him

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Again

It has been a while since the last time that I'm in the library. Pick up some books related to my study. Still need to read more.

p/s: I do love the smell of books
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At Last

 Finally, I got my own bench. So, no more excuse to do the work. Need to be more pro active doing my study after this. Looks like my preliminary study give me the good result. I think I can proceed with other things.