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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blood Type Related To Personality???

I'm the A type. Based on what they said, seem like it is true.

     # Careful on decision making
 Yes, I'm really careful in making any decision especially those that
 related to my life. Life is like playing chess game. You decide on
the  movement. You must think of the  consequence in any
movement. Once you made wrong decision, It gives you two
options. Either it can be corrected later or you dead. Same goes
in my life. Any decision making should not make me regret in

     # Perfectionist
 Even though I denied it, my friends said that there is still even small
 percentage of perfectionist in myself. When I think about it, yes, it
is. When I wrote something, I want it to be nice looking. That's why
I always tear up the paper.

     # Try hard to forget the past
     # Take longer to heal broken heart
 Time is the only best medicine for it. I really want to forget the
 unpleasant memories in my life.

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