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Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet Yet Lovely

Come across this song when I clicked on an advertisement on Facebook
Page about wedding photography + videography
Don't know why
I love to see such things
Happy for those who are married to their lover
 Love to watch the videos
The chosen song suits each video very well
Just nice and sweet

It makes me wonder when my time would come
Honestly, he come across my mind when I hear this song
Will I have him in my life?
Is he my Mr Right, my soulmate?
Is he meant for me?
For all this time, I just adore him from far
He's nice, kind, soft spoken

I know I kept saying this
Finish my study first
Somehow, things do not always go your way

And all it took was one touch one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we could have this forever 

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
Now nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby don't go and break my heart

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Aini Shah said...

Hi AnnYa, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)