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Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

Today is the last episode of Song triplets in the variety show
Gonna miss them
Daehan, Minguk, Manse

They are:

From left: Manse, Daehan, Minguk

From left: Minguk, Manse, Daehan

I'm enjoy watching the show because of them
Usually just watch their part only - not other babies

Still waver either I will continue watching that show or not
Those who joined the show later (not from 1st episode) are now leaving the show
Probably due to the fathers' commitment in acting and music
There're only two celebs who started the show from episode 1
(Total of 4 or 5 celebs in the show)
Even they got other commitment, they are not leaving the show
For one of them, the family - wife and parents - shoot for his behalf
For me, it's not fair
It's not the original concept of the return of superman
Where the fathers are taking care of their kids for 48 hours

Daebak (Real name: Lee Si An)

Daebak is quite adorable too
Still thinking about Daebak
Maybe I can watch him after this
No longer a supporter for The Return Of Superman

The triplets grow healthy
Can have their not-so-normal life again

Miss them already

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