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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moving For Good

Met my supervisor last two weeks and she kept insisted that I should move to the new lab.
She said that she preferred all students under her supervision to do lab works close to her office. Since my crucial item needed is not there, used it as an excuse so I don't move. 
But my supervisor kept looking for that water bath shaker. 
They got one in level 6's lab. 
My lab is on level 9. 
However, there is one incubator shaker in the lab-next-door.
She suggested me to give it a try and see how the result.
So I decided to move - actually no more excuse can used for me to stay in my current lab

With the help of my sisters
Packed up all the glassware in a box with super care 
Driving to the new location - 45 minutes from my current lab
Drive in such slow speed - really not me. LOL

Organize everything on the bench 
I'm sharing the new lab with other two people.
Sis Faizah - A foundation lecturer who is currently pursue her doctoral study
Dr Taha - A foreign lecturer
I got my own table
Still a bit awkward with them
I hope we're doing good and can get close after this

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