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Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Night To You

Dear you
Someone beyond my reach
I hope and pray that our path will cross

Till that day
I'm here waiting
Wondering would you look at me (or not)
 Me and you may not in the same status
I'm sick of the status
Why people do judge by it
Wealth is not everything

Till that day
I want to be a better woman
A high class woman
Have education with good manner
Beauty with brain
A lethal combination
(Beauty doesn't always mean you got nice, fair, flawless skin)
Beauty is subjective

Till that day
I should focus on my study
Finish it first
Pray all is well

I don't want to be a burden to men in my life
My late dad
My brother
My uncles
You (if we got married)
Dragging these men to the hell because of me
Never want it as Me love them much

Berjuta cahaya datang pada ku
(Millions of light come to me)
Menari dengan ku
(Dance with me)
Menyanyikan lagu tentang nya
(Sing a song about him)
Duhai bintang
(Dear star)
Mungkinkah yang ku rasa
(This feeling, is it possible?)
Apakah sudah saat nya
(Is this the right time)
Untuk ku menyukai nya
( For me to like/love him)

Apa Kata Bintang by Gita Gutawa

Found this sweet, lovely song 5 years ago
When I watched the wedding video of Malaysia first Astronaut
Both of them are medical doctors

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