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Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Night To You

Dear you
Someone beyond my reach
I hope and pray that our path will cross

Till that day
I'm here waiting
Wondering would you look at me (or not)
 Me and you may not in the same status
I'm sick of the status
Why people do judge by it
Wealth is not everything

Till that day
I want to be a better woman
A high class woman
Have education with good manner
Beauty with brain
A lethal combination
(Beauty doesn't always mean you got nice, fair, flawless skin)
Beauty is subjective

Till that day
I should focus on my study
Finish it first
Pray all is well

I don't want to be a burden to men in my life
My late dad
My brother
My uncles
You (if we got married)
Dragging these men to the hell because of me
Never want it as Me love them much

Berjuta cahaya datang pada ku
(Millions of light come to me)
Menari dengan ku
(Dance with me)
Menyanyikan lagu tentang nya
(Sing a song about him)
Duhai bintang
(Dear star)
Mungkinkah yang ku rasa
(This feeling, is it possible?)
Apakah sudah saat nya
(Is this the right time)
Untuk ku menyukai nya
( For me to like/love him)

Apa Kata Bintang by Gita Gutawa

Found this sweet, lovely song 5 years ago
When I watched the wedding video of Malaysia first Astronaut
Both of them are medical doctors
Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank You Love For Being My Flashlight

Currently in the dry lab
That's what we called for our writing lab
Wet lab is where we're doing our experiments

Suppose do the lab works for another trial
But since somebody used the shaker, I will do it next week
Just write up the thesis draft

P/s: Got distracted so I'm writing this up. LOL

Because of my health issue, prefer no marriage
But I still need someone to take care of me
(Even though I can take care of myself)

Let him go
Belongs to another girl now (his wife)
Just wish for his happiness
He was your past
Open your heart to another guy
Who knows you may have better guy than him

Beyond my reach
If God says he's meant for me
Our path will cross
(Can I have him please)

Somehow reality is painful
It's bitter
But need to swallow it down

Addicted to these two songs these days
Terima Kasih Cinta by Tasha Manshahar
Flashlight by Jessie J

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salam Maal Hijrah

Maal Hijrah
Islamic New Year

Told us about lots of sacrifice made

Still struggling doing my research 
Something that I don't like
Need to re-do the experiment once more

Halfway of pursuing the doctorate study
No way I would quit it now
Need to finish it up even though it would take some times

Talking about sacrifice
I do have in mind that I want to be a better person
But somehow I'm not that strong
Changing into a new, better person would be challenging
Plus, it's not that easy
I'll try my best

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Power Of Warehouse Sale

Supposed to be in the lab doing my lab work. But since somebody used the "my" water bath instrument - really pissed me off. So decide to go to a warehouse sale near my area with sister. 

Simply Siti 
Range of product of skincare, makeup & fragrance
Introduced by Malaysia's No 1 Female Singer, Siti Nurhaliza
My favourite singer

People do love sale. So do I. Bought lots of stuff.

Perfume & body mist

Perfume, BB cream, lipstick & lip balm

Not all belongs to me. 

Got order from my mum, sis & aunts 
Still need to go there tomorrow
Hope the stock is not out yet