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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Say Hello To The Labwork

End of my sick leave.

Two months doing nothing at home. Not even a journal for reading or writing draft of review paper. I'm dead if Prof ask me of it. Haha.

Still need to go the hospital for the follow up - reviewing the result of lab test done on my cyst ( I guess). Quite nervous about it. May Allah ease my heart and make me less worry about it and my future life.

Continue doing the lab work that I left before. Actually, only few people knew about me undergoing the surgery last July - but I wrote it up here. They were quite surprised when they found it out. Got a free lecture from them regarding the food restriction. Same with my mum. Sigh. But I do know that they do so as they love me.

Got another lecture from Sis Ila on the next day. She said that I look different from before - I look sick and I don't walk fast like before. So, me told her. She didn't allow me do my lab work so much. Don't stand up for a long time. No need to rush to catch up the works and my Prof should understand me. Need to take care of my health first and doing things slowly - but still got progress. Don't stressing myself over the lab works.

Thank you my beloved lab mates.

Still want my lab works to be finished by the end of this year

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