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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Never Forget This In Life

I got stomach pain end of last month. I thought it just a normal period pain. Since the pain was not relieved after me consumed the medicine and applied ointment, decided to go for a check-up. Never drive my car at such speed - really slow. Thank God that the clinic is quite close to my house. 

As usual, need to register first and wait for my turn. My number was called quite quick. Need to do the scan for confirmation. The doctor said there is something in my stomach and she wrote me a refer letter to the nearest hospital. They sent me to the hospital straight away by ambulance since I came alone by myself - first time ever.

Same procedure at the hospital. Registration and basic check up - body temperature and blood pressure. Done the x-ray, doctors said something in my lower body gave a shadow look in the x-ray film. Sent me to the O&G department. Second ultrasound scanning here. Yes, he said it's look like an ovarian cyst. First time ever in the labor room. Third ultrasound scanning here. He confirmed that is an ovarian cyst. Double confirm by another senior doctor. Quite big size - 12 x 15 cm. Even me myself shocked. The doctor said the cyst has been in my ovary for some times. Otherwise, it won't grow to that size. Just able to give him a smile. Admitted into hospital that night.

Got nothing much on the next day. Being checked by the gynecologist doctor and some practical doctors. The nurse need to monitor my body temperature avoiding me catch a fever, otherwise need an urgent surgery. The nurses are really nice. On the following day, the pain kept coming on and off just like the previous few days. The O&G doctor said that I need a surgery. Whenever the OT is free, I'm gonna go in. It's nerve-wrecking as the doctor explained the whole thing to me - the after effect of surgery. Can't focus much on what she said as me kept thinking about my future. Of course I damn worried about it - because I'm single. They gonna remove the cyst together with my ovary as the cyst has twisted the ovary. Doctor said I still got chances to get pregnant in future. At the same time, my thought of marriage is vanished. No more thought of it. Yes, feeling down on myself.

1st July 2015
5.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Not know what the hell happened as I was under anesthesia during the whole surgery process. The moment I opened my eyes, I was in the lift - to be warded. The second moment was seeing my mom's and sisters' faces. Wide awake after that but the effect of anesthesia was still on - felt sleepy.

On the 3rd, I was allowed to consume clear fluid - plain water ONLY. My mom worried as the colour of my urine is not good. She feed me lots of water. Throw it up during the night. My sister was panicking as I threw up the water - quite a lot. The nurse came and asked if I'm okay. She told her about the urine and water consumption. Nurse said the colour of urine is affected as I take antibiotic - in pills and liquid form. Felt relieved. Throwing up again in the next morning. At this time, I was with my mom.

Discharged from the hospital on 5th July.
Another bad thing that happened in July and fasting month.
Still need to take medicine and injection after that.

Now hoping for speedy recovery.

3 Readers:

Unknown said...

Salam Dik ,

Nak tanya info pasal laproscopy di HTAR, sakit tak? huhu

AnnYa said...

Salam sis. procedure yg sy buat tu laparatomy, bkn laparoscopy..disebabkan sy diberi bius penuh semasa operation, mmg x rase sakit lgsg la..utk laparoscopy, sis boleh rujuk kat blog ni -->
sis FH prnh buat procedure tu..hrp membantu..=)

faizah zaruki said...

Salam, can you contact me through my email i have a few question to ask.