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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Need Time For Myself Too

It has been a while since my last post on this
My private-story-yet-anyone-can-read-it
Where I shout out my feeling

Lots to say
Where should I start telling the story

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world

Had the progress monitoring presentation recently. Somehow I don't know what the panels want. They asked about the reagents that I used. I don't mind when they criticized my research but please respect my field of research. If I want to do it according to your way, I would choose you as my supervisor, not my current supervisor. Can't say much - they were my lecturers long time ago. Just need to keep all the feelings inside. 

Spend the weekdays in the lab
Spend the weekends to study - need to be updated
When can I have time for my own

Frankly speaking, I'm kind of demotivated a little bit since I lost my dad
My one of the biggest supporter
I get distracted from my commitment quite easily
And then I keep focus back on my study
As I knew if he's still alive, he would not like to see me like this
But the cycle continue

Since my hands got tied by the government - due to the scholarship, really need to focus on my study and try to finish it on time - I don't know if I can make it or not.

Just keep trying my best
Keep calm and focus on study
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

BBQ And Steamboat For Dinner

Currently watching Korean drama entitled Let's Eat. Each episode shows different Korean cuisine. You can watch it here

It made me craving for the same meals as in the drama. One of the cuisine is raw crab marinated in soy sauce. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a student limits everything. The price of raw crab is about RM25 per kilo. The number of crab per kilo is totally depended on the weight of a crab - mostly only 3 crabs per kilo. So, can't eat much.  

The stupid me is always starving for the whole day just to have dinner at Seoul Garden - Korean style BBQ buffet restaurant. Well, for the student, the price is RM36.90 per person. That amount of money enable me to survive for 3 days. Went to the closest outlet at Setia City Mall. 

Kimchi Soup

Fruits - Watermelon, honeydew
Me eat them as the starter meal

The marinated lamb and chicken

Side dishes - Carrot, cucumber

Dipping sauce

Ready-made food - popiah


Me and my sister were also having the seafood - crabs, bamboo clams, prawns, squids, half shell mussels. Made few lettuce wraps for myself - put the meat, side dish, sauce in a lettuce leaf, wrap it and eat it. My phone was running out of battery due to the photography. 

It's quite worthy to have meal in this restaurant serve the food in buffet - mentioned earlier. So, you can eat as much as you want. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Full Of Regret And Frustration

It has been a while. Just recovered from fever. Well, many people have a fever lately due to the climate.

Went to Sunway Pyramid today. I think it has been a month since the last day I hang out. with friend. Same thing again - having Korean food at Asian Avenue. And then, window shopping. It's on the mid of the month. Even though I just got my monthly allowance, it doesn't mean I can spend much. Accompany my friend to the Nichii outlet. She is so addicted to this store. She said the clothes are nice and beautiful. Well, that's a statement of fashion slave. As for me, rather be book slave - just love the smell of a bookstore. From what I can see, the store doesn't have much Muslimah-style of clothes. They sell kind of the tight one (body shape style) even though the size is XL. That's why I wonder why she loves such fashion since her mom is a ustazah (person who teach religion at school). Weird huh. I guess that the power of fashion. 

 Looking for the Cold Storage outlet since it is on the directory board. According to the board, it's next to Jusco. But can't find it. Doesn't matter because Jusco do have Korean products. From what I heard from a friend of mine, CJ product are halal. So really excited to buy them so that I could make my own bibimbap - mixed spicy rice. 

I bought this ones.
- BBQ marinate sauce
- Hot pepper paste
- Sesame oil

Unfortunately, when I want to keep them refrigerated, I was happened to look at the ingredients' part . Oh my god, the sauce and paste contain cooking rice WINE.  Hell, no. I can't eat these stuffs. It is not allowed in Islam. Really frustrated. Feel so damn stupid - why didn't I look at it first before buying. Now, it's just a waste of money. 

I guess God still love me since I realize it before use them on my cooking. Should just use the local made products after this. Sigh.