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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Pain Is Killing Me - Wisdom Tooth

The lower part of my mouth are in pain especially the back end of tongue. Due to the weather, I thought it's just ulcer. But it's kind of weird since it was the back end of the mouth. During the night, I feel ill - weak and feel cold in cold weather. Asking my sister to put her hand on my forehead and neck. She said my body was slightly hot. So, I have a fever. Drank half a bottle of 100plus  and plain water. Fell asleep after some times. 

Since it was study week, decided to come home for few days. I can't eat well since the pain is not totally relieved yet.  When I brushed my teeth, still feel the pain. Look into the mirror, the wisdom teeth was there. No wonder I feel such pain.  But my gums was swelling too.  Search about it on Google. I read some blogs in which they were sharing about the pain too. Some of them even went into a minor surgery to remove it. SCARY

I'm not sure which is my case. But when I look into the mirror, the wisdom tooth was kind of fully developed. Not sure either the wisdom teeth need to be extracted or not. Should meet a dentist since they know better. 

p/s: Having a running nose and still feel the pain due to gum's swelling while I'm writing this. T_T

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Lon Hollman said...

Wisdom tooth pain – yeah, it feels like it could kill you sometimes. Those you’ve read online about people going through surgery just to have it removed is right. It sounds scary, but don’t be! Be more scared about the disaster it could bring to your oral health if you opted to not remove it. Visiting a dentist soon to see if it should be extracted is a wise decision. Lon at Your Celebrity Smile

Pedro George said...

So, how was it? I hope you decided to consult a dentist about the matter. While there’s nothing wrong about leaving them as they were, there’s a possibility that they can affect the alignment of your other teeth. Therefore, it’s highly suggested to have them surgically removed ASAP. But still, the choice is yours to make.

Pedro George @ Mirror Lake Family Dentistry