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Monday, December 16, 2013

It Reminds Me Of You

Someone shared this video on FB. Well, it's a song by Super Junior. Of course, I would watch it. But this video got English and Vietnam translation. The lyrics is killing me inside. 

Just re-write some of the lyrics here.
Credit as tagged in the video.
My broken heart
When we loved, you shook my heart
Now when we're breaking up, 
you break that heart
When you smash apart 
the heart that loved you
It hurts so much
How am I suppose to live

Is it the end once you leave like this
Don't you know that wounds that you gave me
Can't you think of me who's crying
It hurts so much
Me who has became alone

If you're going to leave me like this
Take everything and go
Even the yearning for the happy memories
That will slowly start to annoy me
Even the love that remains in my heart


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