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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writing An Academic Blog???

I am a subscriber of Next Scientist ebook. Well, I have to admit it is a good site for student like me. Recently, me got a new ebook written by the founder of the site, Julio entitled 17 simple strategies to survive your PhD. She is sharing her experience during pursuing the highest level of education.

Basically, the strategies are already known but yeah, some people do not apply them. Even we are PhD student, we are still enjoying my life - watching movies, hang out with friends, karaoke etc. One of the tips is write a blog. It would be nice to share the journey of getting a PhD degree - the thick and thin. Well, my sister had suggested it before. I'm not a good writer. 

Plus, I'm just share whatever I'm doing in my life here. 
But can take it into consideration. 

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