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Monday, October 28, 2013

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Previously, we got two NMR equipments in the faculty. But due to the man's ignorance, one of them is blown up in the fire incident. So only one left for us to run our samples. NMR is quite an important for the structural confirmation especially when it comes to the new compounds. 

Currently, the waiting list for NMR is damn long. Well, each of us not only has one sample but many of them. For 1D NMR, it takes less time than 2D NMR. However, waiting for my samples' 1D 13C NMR took me ages. Well, how long to run the NMR is depends on our sample. If you got much weight per sample, less time is needed. 

Maybe I should pay so that I can get my result faster than others.

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