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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chemical From Merck

Need to buy some chemicals from the suppliers. Quite lazy to contact them so I order the chemical through the lab assistant, En. Mat. The postgraduate student usually order any chemical through him. Hence, no headache. 

Using the faculty's money would drag some times. It's because they consider the suppliers who sell good quality chemical at cheaper price. So my supervisor decide to use our research grant to buy all the chemical needed as it would be delivered faster.

Since I'm using NMR as the main characterization of my products later on, me want to own the NMR solvents by myself - with Prof's approval. Guess what, the higher number of deuderated carbon, the more expensive the price. Well, the process is quite complicated as it's involved expensive catalyst (what I learn from organometallic chemistry during degree level by Prof Dr Hada). So, it's not a big shock but still cause a heart attack as I need to use them. I'm lucky since my research got financial support - research grant. Otherwise, I don't think the faculty allow us to buy such chemicals.

Need prof's signature filled in the forms.
Must meet him tomorrow.

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