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Monday, September 23, 2013

Keep Myself Updated

Doing research is quite insecure especially when it comes to the novelty part. We think we are the first one doing that study but hell yeah, we don't know what other people around the world do. So, researchers usually communicate through paper or journal with others since they would never meet each other. It makes me damn scared and nervous. 

This is the main reason I always check on science direct periodically. Just to make sure no journal regarding the study that I'm doing is published. It would drive me crazy if someone has published it. Well, it will be no longer a novelty and I would need to do something new. Me don't like brainstorming much. It gives me much headache.

Deep in my heart, I really hope no one doing same study with me.
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chemical From Merck

Need to buy some chemicals from the suppliers. Quite lazy to contact them so I order the chemical through the lab assistant, En. Mat. The postgraduate student usually order any chemical through him. Hence, no headache. 

Using the faculty's money would drag some times. It's because they consider the suppliers who sell good quality chemical at cheaper price. So my supervisor decide to use our research grant to buy all the chemical needed as it would be delivered faster.

Since I'm using NMR as the main characterization of my products later on, me want to own the NMR solvents by myself - with Prof's approval. Guess what, the higher number of deuderated carbon, the more expensive the price. Well, the process is quite complicated as it's involved expensive catalyst (what I learn from organometallic chemistry during degree level by Prof Dr Hada). So, it's not a big shock but still cause a heart attack as I need to use them. I'm lucky since my research got financial support - research grant. Otherwise, I don't think the faculty allow us to buy such chemicals.

Need prof's signature filled in the forms.
Must meet him tomorrow.

Exhausting Myself

It's Monday. 
And it's public holiday. 
Since I've stayed at home during the weekends, so I decide to go out. Went to the Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall as I want to buy some clothes. Went there with my younger sis. Me always feel sleepy in the train. It took about 45-50 minutes from Padang Jawa KTM Station to the KL Sentral. KL Sentral is like a main center for the trains. You can ride LRT, KTM as well as KLIA express from here.

After roughly 30 minutes walk, reached the mall. The KWC located at the end of the Kenanga Road. I shopped there once during the fasting month and also went to the Star Stage (level 15) for a concert before. So, this is my third time. Searching for new tribal shirt. Different shop got different price. One shop sell 1 shirt RM20. Hey, that is expensive. Went to another shop, they sell it at RM13 per shirt. So we bought 6 shirts.

Since both of us still eat nothing from the morning, we went to Ulam Cafe for a simple lunch. The food is quite delicious and affordable. We can get cheaper price for the same menu outside. Well, what did you expect. It's inside a mall and got air-con.

Someone was craving over sushi. So, we walked to the Berjaya Times Square as the mall is quite close and it's kind of a waste to ride monorail. Straight away went to the Sushi King at level 5. Same level with the theme park. Sushi King is located next to the Archery Store. Me prefer to have green tea while eat sushi. Since it's my sis's treat, I ate the purple plate sushi. Unagi and ebi fry. Well, it's such a loss since Sushi King has a promotion at this end of the month. Should go during that time. Sigh. Do I care since it's not my money to be spent on. Hahaha.

Reached home 6.50 pm.
Rushed to have our Asr prayer.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Broken Heart

I can write as I think you will never find out and know this. 

Frankly speaking, I'm still hoping that we will be together again in future. Still holding on you. Actually, I'm wonder why you never show up and explain the whole thing. Why you just kept silence. I guess it's hard to choose either blood-related or stranger. Yes, I'm a stranger in your life. But all I ask is just a simple explanation. 

Money can buy anything. Is that so? I'm curious why did you tell me a different story. Even so, I still want you in my life. I guess maybe it's because you are the first person. The stupid me.

That's where I found it out. 
I know that person.
If she can make you happy, I'm happy for you. 
Learn to let you go now.
So that I will be in peace.

Dear Allah,
Please give me some strength to forget him

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Baby

Been searching for a new laptop. Before this, I was fall in love with Lenovo Yoga. But after consider its weight, prefer Asus Taichi more. However, it only provide the basic condition of a laptop. It would cost me about RM5000. Same price with an Apple laptop. Me prefer Apple product more. 

Based on my current financial condition, well, that's quite expensive. So just afford to buy laptop in range of RM2000-2500. Frankly speaking, it's my sis who buy the laptop, not me. Coincidentally, a PC fair was held at my hometown. So my sis went there. Me want a light laptop so that easy for me to carry it anywhere. Samsung laptop is quite thin and looks smart however my neighbour said better not to buy Samsung brand as it also give some of problems. Well, quite believe it since she used Samsung before.

So decide to buy Asus laptop. First time using window 8. Quite blur when open up the laptop.


Asus A450CC