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Monday, August 26, 2013

Enjoying Ourselves

My aunt was coming home from Kedah. Well, she was away during the Eid. She's been with us for 3 days. My uncle drove us to the beach. The kids enjoyed themselves riding the horse. As for me, I don't really remember when was the last time I went to the beach. LOL. 

At Batu Buruk Beach

Enjoying the pizza. My treat before I'm leaving for Shah Alam.

Another trip to Batu Rakit just to have fried squid. 
Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Eid Mubarak

We, the Muslim, are celebrating the Eid after one month of fasting. It can help you to lose weight. But somehow, most of us gained weight since lots of food are sold during Ramadhan. Some of them are quite hard to find during other months. 

Well, frankly speaking, my family did not snap our family photo this year. Still being affected with the loss, I guess. Even I myself hardly to have the mood. But still enjoy the celebration to take my mom's heart. She did not cook Nasi Dagang this year. Nasi dagang is our state's signature dish. Well, maybe it's remind her of my late dad. 

The two naughty little girls

Laksa made by my aunt

Us going to the open house

Capture from the dashboard
Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Am Missing You

Read my sis's blog regarding the story of what happened on before and on the day (11th July). So, I decide to tell my part of story which may be damn shock more than hers since I was there at home. It will be a mix language of Malay and English.

11th July 2013

Sound of incoming text wakes me up. Hell yeah, I slept after subuh. 

Mr S: Salam. Bila nak datang ambil kereta?

So I tell my mum that Mr S texted me.

Umi: Gi ambil dengan ayah la. Umi mane tahu drive kereta auto.

So my mum gave my dad a call.

Umi: Ayah, Mr S mesej tanya pukul berapa nak gi ambil kereta.
Ayah: Umi gi la ambil dengan yaa.
Umi: Umi mane pernah drive kereta auto. Yaa pun lame dah x drive kereta. Kalau gi dengan ayah, kita gi kedai kereta naik myvi. Lepas tu, ayah drive kereta saga tu balik rumah.
Ayah: Kalau gitu, gi ambil petang la. Lepas ayah habis kerja. Pukul 3 lebih ke.

Then, my mum conveyed that to me. Me said I don't mind. It's up to him.

Ayah: Kalau ada org kat kaunter JUPEM ni, boleh la ayah balik kejap.

After a while, he called my mum back telling that he's coming home since someone is replacing his job. That was around 10.30 a.m if i'm not mistaken. So I take a bath and get ready. Both me and my mum are waiting for him at the living room. After 1 hour, my dad is still not home. My mum give him a call. No answer. Another phone call at 12.00 p.m. And yet, still no answer. 

Around 12.20 p.m, a car stopped right in front of my house. My dad's colleagues. It's quite weird to see them that time. They are really quite. 

Umi: Datang nak ambil alat ngukur ke?
En Fendi: Kak Mah buke pintu pagar ni dulu.

En Fendi, En Sabri, En Rosli and En Alias. Dorg nampak serba salah. Macam nak bgtahu something.

En Fendi: Kak Mah, ade benda nak bgtahu psl abg din ni.
Umi: Kak Mah pn tgh tunggu abg din balik la ni. Tp tak sampai lagi.
En Fendi: Harap Kak Mah sabar byk2. Abg din dh xde.
Umi: Abg din gi mana plak?
En Fendi: Abg Din kemalangan tadi mase on the way nak balik. Meninggal dunia. 

En Fendi: Nak ajak gi tgk jenazah kat hospital. Kak Mah ok x?
Umi: Kak Mah ok, kak mah redha je.

Umi: Kejut along bangun, gi hospital

Me are really speechless. Is it true? Rushing go into the room and waking my sister up. We are kind of blur when Mr Rosli said he will drive us to the hospital. Not far form my house, I got a call from my aunt asking me about the new car. Directly tell her about my dad. She said that she will be go straight away to the hospital. Along the way, my sister kept calling our relatives and close friends. It's a shock for everyone.  Out of sudden, En Rosli stopped the car at the road side. He told us that the accident happened in front of the bicycle shop. Don't know why, I said he must be kidding. Unfortunately, he said yes. My eyes got teary then. To tell the truth, I really hope that was not my dad along the way to the hospital. 

Reached the hospital. Most of my dad's colleagues were there. My neighbour was there since she is a nurse. The staff kept telling us to have patience while open up the black plastic covering the body. I only look at the half face of my dad. It's him. It's really really him. My tears fall down as heavy as the rainstorm. My neighbour hugged me right away. One of the female colleague take me away from that room and calm me down. Texted my friend Qik and Fit telling them about my dad. Qik called me straight away. 

Since my mum refused the post mortem, the hospital prepare for the funeral. My mum said the funeral is after Asar prayer. My other two sisters are on their way home. I bet they are crying damn hard as they cannot see my dad's face for the very last time. My mum asked me to take a photo to show to my sisters. Everything was settle roughly about 5.30 p.m. My younger sister Lin reached home at 6.00 p.m while Sarah was at 12.00 a.m. Along kept telling them to let everything go. 

It was supposed to be a happy day since I've got my new car but it's turned out to be the most saddest day in my life. I really want to see him wearing my PhD gown as well as he was wearing my sister's master gown. I guess he will never make it.
Rest in peace dad.
I will be a good daughter after this and try not to burden you there.