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Friday, April 12, 2013

Movie Lover

Had been watching 4 movies in a row. Got more free time these days. Thanks to acetic anhydride. Don't know what would happened to my research now. Currently reading damn many journals to write one new journal. Kind of stress. 

Back to the title, kind of crazy because never watch that much movie within two weeks.
- G.I.Joe Retaliation -
- Sembunyi -
- Olympus Has Fallen -
- The Croods -

Sorry to say, Malay movie are totally not worthy to be watched at the cinema. I thought Sembunyi may be the last Malay movie for me. It's a crap, wasting my money for that suck movie.

Both G.I.Joe and Olympus Has Fallen are action movies but in different way. OHF got lots of suspense scene in which we can't tell what would happened next. Me loved animation movie. The Croods is damn cute movie. It's kind of hot story in Malaysia as our singer, Yuna is singing the OST, Shine your way. Quite proud with her achievement. Pray for her success.

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