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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Do not have any meal for the whole day. Kind of crazy but seriously, I'm do not feel hungry at all. However, I think I drink more than one litre plain water. Believe me, I'm not on diet.

Since already got my monthly allowances, big clap to the sponsor, so I'm temporarily rich for this time being. For that amount of money, lots of thing I can buy. But still need to save for the future too.

Last minute decision to have our three-in-one meal again at a steamboat restaurant. The bill is on me since I would like to treat my beloved two sisters. Me totally love steamboat. Have a meal at Flaming Steamboat. Many people are there having their meal too. The price is quite reasonable since it's buffer-style. Me totally full.

Then, digest the food that we ate by shopping in Tesco. During the Friday's night, Tesco close at 1.00 am. So, still got chance to buy stuffs before the no-plastic-bag-day. Haha.

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