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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scientist And Research

In order to give me some encouragement, someone told me about the research world beyond Malaysia. In some countries, they got roughly about 10% of the citizen who are the scientist. If the population in that country is 30 million, the people who are working as scientist is about 3 000 000. One of the reason why the government want most citizen pursue their study. Imagine how many scientist are in China. That must be a large number right. So awesome. He told me that India and Pakistan got many researchers and they are actively doing their researches. Some of them even move out to USA to get better recognition for their works. However, it's kind of sad since India and Pakistan is not in a good relationship. Imagine both of them are in peace and the scientists able to sit down together and have a discussion. Must be amazing and damn great. They can have great research to be studied for. Well. Maybe some other countries are terrified about this and make sure that these countries do not going well together. But the scientists, they still can meet each other. They got conferences, seminars etc. to be attended. 

Research is all about improving the quality of life. 

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