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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

King of Drama

Another KDrama has officially ended. One good thing about this drama is it give us a quite real scenes of behind the scenes in producing a drama/film. For a drama, three parties play important role. Broadcasting company, production company as well as the actors and actress. All of them should has good relationship for ensuring the successful of drama. For broadcast company, the time slot given to one drama should be to compete with another broadcast company in term of viewer rating. They tend to have higher rating. 

To me, watching this drama also crucial because it is important to show support to the actor. One of the main supporting role is a member of Super Junior. He is Choi Siwon. He has been filming some drama before this. Not only that, his group member, Yesung also show support by singing one of the OST entitled Blind for love. My Super Junior oppa is mutli-talented. They got actor, emcee, DJ, gag man and singer. Love them forever.

Official poster of the drama

Siwon Oppa

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