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Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's kind of an old story. But I still remember my response to that thing. I'm study for my coming test. Stare at my lappy since i didn't open it. I thought that maybe I should go online for a while as i can't focus on the note. Open up my FB and one post on my news feed catch my attention. Wondering whether i should click on it or not. Having a thought that I-would-never-be-that-lucky, I click on that link. They announced the lucky fans list. Strolled down the list and one of it looks so familiar to me. Open up my drawer and look at my ticket. OMG, i'm one of them. Keep looking at the ticket and the screen. It's so damn good to be true. My voice a little bit shaky. Told my friend about it at class. Just like me, they're kind of not believe it too. But they are happy for me. I'm gonna meet my beloved guys.

...screen shot of the list... the ticket...

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