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Friday, April 14, 2017

Remember This Suddenly

Assalamualaikum and good evening

It has been a while 
I did have some things that I wanna share here 
But I guess I'm easily distracted. 

Thank God I'm doing good progress on my research. 
Should start to write a new part of my thesis. 
Plan to finish things up this year
Just need to FOCUS
And don't lose motivation

Happy for you Mr F
Congratulations for got chosen to fill that
I wish I can tell you more about Mr F

Currently watching old Korean drama while write up a research review 
This song reminds me of Mr F a lot

When my fingertips brush you
The warmth spreads to my icy heart
Although I want to approach you secretly and lean on you
But the distance between us doesn't get any closer

It's okay if I can't touch you
It's okay if I can't hug you
Lonely love
Yes I love you
Like my destiny
I can feel you

It's okay if I can't love you
It's okay if I can't reach you
Lonely love
Yes I love you
Even from far away
I can see you

P/s:  I can have you in my dreams but not in reality. Nothing I can do since I like a person who is seem to be beyond my reach.

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