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Monday, June 13, 2016

Second Time In OT - Minor Surgery

If something is wrong with your body, you should know

Decide to see a doctor for check up
She gave prescription on antibiotic and painkiller

But after two days, it kept on swelling
I can't walk properly 
Because it hurts me a lot

Decide to get second opinion on that
Got referred to the hospital
Admitted into hospital on that night

Doctor asked me to start fasting as they might do the minor surgery in the morning
Went the OT around 10 o'clock in the morning
As it's a new hospital, the OT is quite big
I think it's bigger than the previous one
(Where I've done with laparotomy)

This time, they gave me epidural
During the prep, they sure talk a lot
Maybe to calm me down

Get back to the ward at 12 noon
Was advised to stay laid back on my bed for 6 hours

Discharged after two days
But I'm still on antibiotic
Four times per day
And it's Ramadhan 
 (Laparotomy in last Ramadhan)

Hopefully I'm just fine for the next Ramadhan

Happy fasting to all Muslim around the globe

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