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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Y.E.S - Muslim Headscarves

Year End Sale

Everyone got annual bonus at this moment
This means shopping

I'm a Bawal lover 
Bawal means square hijab, not the fish
But I also wear shawl occasionally

There are many Muslim headscarf collections in the market 
I guess the competition is damn tough
Thanks to the talented designer, the hijab is better than before in terms of design
I don't know how they do this but the design is trendy, nice and wonderful
Especially the printed headscarves
Suit our taste a lot

Isn't it cute? Cupcake 

I do love stars

I'm a bit picky when it comes to the shawl - I don't really know to style it
But the tutorials are on Google
So just google it - LOL

I don't really care about the material as long as I'm comfy in it, it's not transparent and long, wide enough to cover the chest
In other words - Syariah compliance

These entrepreneurs really take this into consideration 
So they come out with wider and longer shawls
So we can wear it with different styles


Hand-twisting style - LOL

Just wear it the way you like it
Be yourself

Not forgetting the cute pins to go with the shawl
I bought a lot but lost them to my sisters
It's not good to have many women in one house
Lose them is a better way to say it rather than to say share them


In the headscarves business
I do support from-zero-entrepreneurs
NOT the celebrity-wear-hijab-before-they-sell-hijab
I do hope they wear hijab sincerely
Change to a better person isn't easy but please get your intention right
Only God knows the true intention of yours
Hope they are not fake for sake of the public
Please change for good, not for to woo the VIPs men

Love wonderful, trendy headscarves?
Go grab yours now


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