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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Losing Weight Is Hard

I'm a follower of Kevin Zahri's blog
He is a fitness coach
He wrote on good diet, exercise, etc.

Used to follow his advise on having a proper balanced diet
But I'm fail to do it consistently
I guess I'm not strong enough to say no to delicious foods

I used to have bloating tummy 
Squat, jumping jack, sit up, leg raise, bicycle crunch etc
I've done these before
But it turns out that I got huge ovarian cyst in my tummy
Thank God the cyst didn't explode in my tummy
Otherwise, my life will be in hell

Still under food restriction
For good recovery - they said so
So I guess I can control the amount of food intake
My aunt taught me on exercise
Like a after-delivery-mummy do
She said I can't exercise like before - before the surgery
Try to avoid any long-term effect to my body
I guess I should listen to her

Hoping to lose some weight
By taking good, well balanced meal everyday & suitable exercise routes

Friday, November 13, 2015

Becoming A Morning Person

Morning person
Getting used to it
A new me for this semester

Wake up early
Have proper breakfast - not too light, not too heavy
Heavy breakfast may cause you're sleepy

Lots of thing need to be catch up
Becoming a morning person do help me stay focus
My research progress quite well
Got many things to be organized before I'm start editing my chapter 2
Still need to study many stuffs
Overall, I'm happy with my performance this semester so far
And then I realize that I wasted so many times before for not stay focus
Hope I could finish my lab work by the end of this semester

Still got trouble to sleep early
But I think it's okay as long as I got enough rest
It's important to have good quality of sleep
So you don't feel easily exhausted on the next day

Try hard to submit my thesis and viva in 2016
Wish me luck