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Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank You Love For Being My Flashlight

Currently in the dry lab
That's what we called for our writing lab
Wet lab is where we're doing our experiments

Suppose do the lab works for another trial
But since somebody used the shaker, I will do it next week
Just write up the thesis draft

P/s: Got distracted so I'm writing this up. LOL

Because of my health issue, prefer no marriage
But I still need someone to take care of me
(Even though I can take care of myself)

Let him go
Belongs to another girl now (his wife)
Just wish for his happiness
He was your past
Open your heart to another guy
Who knows you may have better guy than him

Beyond my reach
If God says he's meant for me
Our path will cross
(Can I have him please)

Somehow reality is painful
It's bitter
But need to swallow it down

Addicted to these two songs these days
Terima Kasih Cinta by Tasha Manshahar
Flashlight by Jessie J

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