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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Baby

Been searching for a new laptop. Before this, I was fall in love with Lenovo Yoga. But after consider its weight, prefer Asus Taichi more. However, it only provide the basic condition of a laptop. It would cost me about RM5000. Same price with an Apple laptop. Me prefer Apple product more. 

Based on my current financial condition, well, that's quite expensive. So just afford to buy laptop in range of RM2000-2500. Frankly speaking, it's my sis who buy the laptop, not me. Coincidentally, a PC fair was held at my hometown. So my sis went there. Me want a light laptop so that easy for me to carry it anywhere. Samsung laptop is quite thin and looks smart however my neighbour said better not to buy Samsung brand as it also give some of problems. Well, quite believe it since she used Samsung before.

So decide to buy Asus laptop. First time using window 8. Quite blur when open up the laptop.


Asus A450CC

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