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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Broken Heart

I can write as I think you will never find out and know this. 

Frankly speaking, I'm still hoping that we will be together again in future. Still holding on you. Actually, I'm wonder why you never show up and explain the whole thing. Why you just kept silence. I guess it's hard to choose either blood-related or stranger. Yes, I'm a stranger in your life. But all I ask is just a simple explanation. 

Money can buy anything. Is that so? I'm curious why did you tell me a different story. Even so, I still want you in my life. I guess maybe it's because you are the first person. The stupid me.

That's where I found it out. 
I know that person.
If she can make you happy, I'm happy for you. 
Learn to let you go now.
So that I will be in peace.

Dear Allah,
Please give me some strength to forget him

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