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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dinner + Movie

Decide to have our dinner at Street Cafe (again). Drove to Sunway Pyramid after perform our solat. Not so many people at the mall but the parking lots are quite full. What-so-ever. Thanks to K-drama, now we love to eat K-food. Enjoy the dinner while listening to the K-pop. Random playlist I think. As usual, the menu are bibimbap (mixed rice), kimbap (rolled rice), chicken sticks and korean tea. Bon apetit. 

Kimbap (Rolled rice)

A slice of kimbap
- They wrapped cucumber, carrot, chicken ham and radish in the rice -

Some of my friend said that this movie is totally awesome. Run away to the cinema to buy the ticket. Sadly, the seat available are very close to the screen. So decide for not watching there (still not give up). Drove back to Shah Alam and went to AEON Bukit Raja. Straight away to the cinema and we got our ticket. 

World War Z ticket

New collection of tumbler 

Still not watching monster university but get the tumbler first as it's limited edition. Will watch it later. World war Z is damn awesome. How the zombie virus spread throughout the world. Israel is damn bad, cross the communication of India just to know about the virus and keep it to themselves. What a selfish nation. Me pissed off. One thing that me love is the research lab of WHO. It's good to have such lab to do work. I wish I get one like that. It's quite worthy for Brad Pitt to produce such film. 

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