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Saturday, March 2, 2013

What To Do

Kind of sad. Still waiting for my monthly allowance. Maybe the recipient is in large number.That's why the money is deposited late. So, my parents still give me financial support. I thought that the burden would be less as I got the scholarship. Sigh. 

Having less money in the pocket, where would I go. Think twice before going out again. Most money are spent on food. Should eat home-cooked ones. But I'm too lazy to cook these days. Sigh. Spend of the times being at home. Thank god the internet connection is damn good. Still able to go on-line. Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. Still can read the news and short story on-line. Still can watch movie or TV show on-line. 

Guess what. Currently downloading the lord of the rings trilogy in blu-ray. However, it would takes some times as the file size is quiet big. 

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