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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Do not have any meal for the whole day. Kind of crazy but seriously, I'm do not feel hungry at all. However, I think I drink more than one litre plain water. Believe me, I'm not on diet.

Since already got my monthly allowances, big clap to the sponsor, so I'm temporarily rich for this time being. For that amount of money, lots of thing I can buy. But still need to save for the future too.

Last minute decision to have our three-in-one meal again at a steamboat restaurant. The bill is on me since I would like to treat my beloved two sisters. Me totally love steamboat. Have a meal at Flaming Steamboat. Many people are there having their meal too. The price is quite reasonable since it's buffer-style. Me totally full.

Then, digest the food that we ate by shopping in Tesco. During the Friday's night, Tesco close at 1.00 am. So, still got chance to buy stuffs before the no-plastic-bag-day. Haha.
Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today is the last day for big bad wolf book sales. It's totally crazy sale as the discount offered is in range of 70-95%. Totally wicked. Haha. The location of the book sale is at Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). Located next to a shopping mall, The Mines. It's my first time going to that mall using public transport. But I've already google on how to get there. Haha.  

The plastic bag

The main entrance

Books that I bought

Since it's the last day, so not many choices of book are available. I wished I was there on the first day. However, I still satisfy with what I got. Spending almost 2 hours there wandering around and chose book. 

After that, having lunch at Old Town White Coffee House. Ordered myself Chicken BBQ chicken rice, cold enriched chocolate drink and butter toast. I really love their toast. It's kind of must-order menu for me. 
Saturday, March 2, 2013

What To Do

Kind of sad. Still waiting for my monthly allowance. Maybe the recipient is in large number.That's why the money is deposited late. So, my parents still give me financial support. I thought that the burden would be less as I got the scholarship. Sigh. 

Having less money in the pocket, where would I go. Think twice before going out again. Most money are spent on food. Should eat home-cooked ones. But I'm too lazy to cook these days. Sigh. Spend of the times being at home. Thank god the internet connection is damn good. Still able to go on-line. Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. Still can read the news and short story on-line. Still can watch movie or TV show on-line. 

Guess what. Currently downloading the lord of the rings trilogy in blu-ray. However, it would takes some times as the file size is quiet big. 
Friday, March 1, 2013

Jack The Giant Slayer

Hello March. The third month of the year. Need to focus more on my research. But I also need to enjoy my life right. Hey, I'm not a nerd okay. Haha.

Last minute decision: meet up with a friend of mine just now. We have not meet in roughly about 3 months. She's working right now. Thank god she found a job, it's hard find one these days. Decide to watch a movie: Jack, The Giant Slayer. A new movie released today. While waiting for that, spending our precious 50 minutes eat and talk. Forever gossip girls. Haha.

The movie is totally awesome. A must-watch movie. Full of action, adventure, suspense and a little bit of romance. The story begin a monk gave Jack few beans. He stole it from the princess's fiancĂ©e, Roderick. Jack's uncle is very mad of him as he was supposed to sold the horse. A bean accidentally drop down into the floor crack. It's totally same as the legend he used to hear. And they face the same thing again. The giant came down to the earth and attack the kingdom. 

The princess, Isabelle  and Jack suppose to ring bell to inform another kingdom that they're under attack. Unfortunately, the giant king found them. Jack is a smart boy. He threw the last bean into the giant's mouth. A tree grow up within it and the giant dead. So, Jack got the crown. A crown that the giants fear of. Lastly, everything went as before. Isabelle and Jack got married later on and had 2 kids. 

Me totally fall in love with Elmont.