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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My First Time

Being one of ten lucky fans out of 4000 fans really made me so grateful. I'm never get so damn good opportunity in my life. I need to go to One World Hotel where the venue of press conference. Never been to that hotel before. Waiting for the press conference really made me feel that I'm stalking the idols at their hotel. Able to see B1A4 and Miss A who are coming back to the hotel from the rehearsal at the stadium. Fans scream, wow. The idols kept waving to the fans. I just look at them from above. Guess what. B1A4's CNU look up, he smiled and waved. OMG. Totally melted. Dont know why fans keep screaming. OMG, it's my boys who came out from lift. They must be ready for the fanmeeting. Really envy those that attend it. But it's okay cause I also can meet them too. Haha.

At last, the press conference. The staff asked us to sit at the last two row. Kind of sad but when B1A4 came out, seem like no one care about us. So we step forward. I stand at the middle of the media. OMG, they totally in front of me. Same position for Miss A and f(x). Sad thing happened when SJ was about to come out. Staff asked us to gather at the left corner. Kind of frustrated. It's hard for me to snap their picture since the manager stand next to me. He's so good looking. And both of us wear the same shirt. Shirt of SS3 Japan. Really cant take my eyes of my boys. They are so damn good looking. Forever melting over them. I think that I will never forget their smile. Always in my heart. When they about to go out, the girl next to me brought Mr Simple Version A Ryeowook cover with her. She was damn lucky as Ryeowook touched her.

Ryeowook, Donghae and Leeteuk is right in front of me and we are quite close. Almost able to touch Ryeowook's hand. Guess what. The staff asked us to delete all the photo taken during the press conference. Fucking damn sad about this but I'm not so stupid. Hahaha. Me and others, we were rushing to the stadium. One week after, my dongsaeng told me one news that totally made me down. Those that join the press conference were given chance to snap photo with the idols. Forever screaming. I cried hard that day. Know that news when I was in high pressure since I prepared for my upcoming tests and assignments to be submitted on the following week. Give a call to my friend telling her about this. They really good to cheer me up. Thank you god for giving me such friends.


Miss A


Our Hyukkie

Our Teukie, Wookie, Minnie

Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's kind of an old story. But I still remember my response to that thing. I'm study for my coming test. Stare at my lappy since i didn't open it. I thought that maybe I should go online for a while as i can't focus on the note. Open up my FB and one post on my news feed catch my attention. Wondering whether i should click on it or not. Having a thought that I-would-never-be-that-lucky, I click on that link. They announced the lucky fans list. Strolled down the list and one of it looks so familiar to me. Open up my drawer and look at my ticket. OMG, i'm one of them. Keep looking at the ticket and the screen. It's so damn good to be true. My voice a little bit shaky. Told my friend about it at class. Just like me, they're kind of not believe it too. But they are happy for me. I'm gonna meet my beloved guys.

...screen shot of the list... the ticket...