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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dear Hardworking, Please Come To Me

Assalamualaikum and good morning

Currently in the lab
Air-cond is NOT functioning
So damn HOT
Can burn so much fat in this situation

Will be away for 2 weeks starting next weekend
Will be going home for Aidilfitri
Hence, not so into working mood

Thank god
Currently waiting for my samples to be analysed
For structural confirmation
Yeah, NMR analysis
Can rest a bit

The queue is damn long
Hoping that can be settled within next week
So I can be in ease
Not worrying much

Still working on my thesis
To be honest
Lab works are much preferable than writing
It's not that easy to put everything into words

Fighting till the end

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Missing Him

Assalamualaikum and good evening

Today is the 2nd day of Ramadhan
I still clearly remember
What happened 4 years ago

Something that we can't avoid
Happen to everyone 
Accept it or not

To be honest
I'm not ready
To face his death
Somehow, still need him
Who are we to fight against fate
Something that already written by God

Missing him
Hoping that can find a man that really care for me
Like he did
Stubborn, rebellious, short-tempered, hot-headed me
Can you handle me like him, Mr F?

Rest in peace 
My partner-in-crime

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Fasting In Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and good evening

27th May
First day of Ramadhan
The fasting month for Muslims

Tonight is the beginning of Tarawih Prayer
The sunnah prayer that we do
ONLY in Ramadhan

Quite a special month
Can see people doing lots of charity
Helping people and feeding the orphans
It doesn't mean we aren't doing that in other months
But people tends to give more in Ramadhan

In this upcoming Ramadhan
Hope to be healthy
Hope for no more hospital
Hope for no more surgery

Time to reclaim myself
Extra effort to fight the devil in me
For the sake of my beloved ones

Salam Ramadhan
Happy Fasting to all Muslims around the globe

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Potluck Before Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon

Today is the makan-makan day
They always plan on gathering occasionally
Before the fasting month
It's normal for us to plan a potluck time
Any of us can bring our own food
To made thing easier, just pay certain amount of money to the staff
And they organize the menu for that day

On the day like this
We can have all our fellows present
Who doesn't love to eat, right?
Chatting while having our lunch
Gossip and gossip and gossip

Arranging the food

Chicken and beef satay

Cream puff and brownies

It's good to have bonding time like this
Bon apetite everyone

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Teacher's Day

Assalamualaikum and good morning

Today is 16th May
Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day 
To those in education profession
Keep doing your best in educating our generations

Used to celebrate the day when I was in school
Had lots of fun
Teachers enjoyed the day
Kind of like day-off for them
Since we got no class at all for the whole day
Not to mention we could go home early

When I was on the bus to faculty this morning
Pass by a primary school 
They gather at the assembly place
Performing for the teachers
Miss my old days

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finally Understand

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon

Thesis writing is not that easy
Even though you know it's all about your research
To put it into words
Damn stressful

Now I get it
Why some people take quite a while to finish their thesis
English is not commonly used in my daily life
I speak in my state-accent quite often

Thesis writing is quite tough for me
It's the highest level of education
You should chose your words
Should not write like a pre-school kids

Trying my best to finish things up

Hopefully can graduate next year
If God wills 
Friday, April 14, 2017

Remember This Suddenly

Assalamualaikum and good evening

It has been a while 
I did have some things that I wanna share here 
But I guess I'm easily distracted. 

Thank God I'm doing good progress on my research. 
Should start to write a new part of my thesis. 
Plan to finish things up this year
Just need to FOCUS
And don't lose motivation

Happy for you Mr F
Congratulations for got chosen to fill that
I wish I can tell you more about Mr F

Currently watching old Korean drama while write up a research review 
This song reminds me of Mr F a lot

When my fingertips brush you
The warmth spreads to my icy heart
Although I want to approach you secretly and lean on you
But the distance between us doesn't get any closer

It's okay if I can't touch you
It's okay if I can't hug you
Lonely love
Yes I love you
Like my destiny
I can feel you

It's okay if I can't love you
It's okay if I can't reach you
Lonely love
Yes I love you
Even from far away
I can see you

P/s:  I can have you in my dreams but not in reality. Nothing I can do since I like a person who is seem to be beyond my reach.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WATCH - New Addition To My Wishlist

Yes, I'm a bit concerned about punctuality
Being early is OK
But NOT for being late

And I hate waiting too
(Just come back from the hospital for my check up)
(I forgot to bring my reading material with me)

Got another prescription on antibiotic for a week

While waiting at the hospital, I'm observing people 
(Mostly pregnant mommies)
They got watch on their hand - left or right

Clothes and accessories
They said it's important for the first impression
People can guess your personality

Watch is an accessory that easily caught our attention
It's not only tell you the time
But also can let people know what you think about time
A watch should not be distracting and you can simply look nice for a good first impression

There are many different types of watches in the market nowadays
For men
For women
And even unisex

Found these tips somewhere regarding choosing a watch

1. Decide on what kind of watch that you actually want

2. Which type of band you want to get

3. Price Range - Make sure it's reasonable and affordable
(Don’t spend too much)

4. Stay within your price range and think of buying a watch as an investment - they are easy to lose

5. Styling of the watch - option for sophisticated and classy look

Wanna buy a new watch?

Shop your watch HERE

p/s: Still got my eyes on TISSOT and can't give it up. Hoping to have it one day.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Second Time In OT - Minor Surgery

If something is wrong with your body, you should know

Decide to see a doctor for check up
She gave prescription on antibiotic and painkiller

But after two days, it kept on swelling
I can't walk properly 
Because it hurts me a lot

Decide to get second opinion on that
Got referred to the hospital
Admitted into hospital on that night

Doctor asked me to start fasting as they might do the minor surgery in the morning
Went the OT around 10 o'clock in the morning
As it's a new hospital, the OT is quite big
I think it's bigger than the previous one
(Where I've done with laparotomy)

This time, they gave me epidural
During the prep, they sure talk a lot
Maybe to calm me down

Get back to the ward at 12 noon
Was advised to stay laid back on my bed for 6 hours

Discharged after two days
But I'm still on antibiotic
Four times per day
And it's Ramadhan 
 (Laparotomy in last Ramadhan)

Hopefully I'm just fine for the next Ramadhan

Happy fasting to all Muslim around the globe

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet Yet Lovely

Come across this song when I clicked on an advertisement on Facebook
Page about wedding photography + videography
Don't know why
I love to see such things
Happy for those who are married to their lover
 Love to watch the videos
The chosen song suits each video very well
Just nice and sweet

It makes me wonder when my time would come
Honestly, he come across my mind when I hear this song
Will I have him in my life?
Is he my Mr Right, my soulmate?
Is he meant for me?
For all this time, I just adore him from far
He's nice, kind, soft spoken

I know I kept saying this
Finish my study first
Somehow, things do not always go your way

And all it took was one touch one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we could have this forever 

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
Now nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby don't go and break my heart